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Leverage our identity infrastructure to build biometrically authenticated experiences for your customers. Keyo partners have built apps that let people pay for coffee in Africa, open office doors in Mexico, and check in at doctors’ offices in the USA – all with a simple wave of the palm.

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user placing palm over palm recognition device to redeem ticket at metro station

Where will you wave?

Keyo’s fully vertically integrated hardware and software make it easy to add biometric authentication to any use case.

Access control

Forget forgotten, lost, or stolen ID cards and key fobs. Open doors, elevators, and turnstiles with a wave.


Provide your customers with a seamless, secure, and contactless method to access their most confidential information.


Level up your rewards. Give your biggest fans the opportunity to collect points with their palm.


Delight customers with faster lines, personalized experiences, and more convenient payments.


Create a quick, contactless, and cashless experience, giving fans the power to redeem tickets, pay for food, buy merchandise, access VIP areas, and join loyalty programs.

Travel and Mobility

Traveling can be stress-free when you don't have to worry about tickets, a wallet, or an ID. A simple wave can get you to your destination quickly and safely.


Wave goodbye to waiting in long lines at reception and endless searching through jackets, purses, or pockets for key cards.


Empower students and staff to access campus buildings, pay for textbooks, and verify student ID with cutting edge technology that inspires.


Patient check-in, doctor login, prescription pickup, and more, all with a contactless scan of the palm.

Identity infrastructure for the Internet and IRL

Keyo’s next generation identity platform supports low latency, high throughput matching for billions of users. Our user-friendly hardware and software make it easy and cost-effective to get started. Let’s build the future of privacy-centric identity, together.

Keyo Mobile App

The Keyo Mobile App gives members a fast and secure way to create a Keyo account, verify their identity, track Keyo usage, and manage their data.


In just a few milliseconds, our devices contactlessly map and encrypt millions of unique points on your palm, making them the most secure, accurate, and user friendly biometric technology on the market.


Our customizable operating system helps businesses quickly create, test and deploy biometrically authenticated apps.

Keyo Cloud

No need to stress about data storage or PII. The Keyo Cloud is a global-scale identity platform that powers rapid, secure and scalable user authentication.

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